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adding a tagboard

Part of Journals Help.

This simple step-by-step guide illustrates how to add tagboards (or any other widget) into a column on the left or right hand side.

1. Once logged in, go into your Administration area, and click on "Your Widgets". Click on "Insert New", to insert a new widget.

2. Select "Tag Board" out of the list of widget types, and click Save, with the default options.

3. Now, go and write a new Page - make it display on the "left" or "right" hand side column, by selecting the appropriate "Position on home page:" option ("Seperate box on left" or "Seperate box on right").

4. In the Content box of the page, click on the "Insert: Widget" link on the right, and a dialog box will pop up; click the "Insert" link next to your newly created tag board widget, and the correct code will be automatically inserted into your new page (it will look like [widget=7] or something).

5. Save the page and everything should turn out perfectly.

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