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colour scheme editor

Part of Journals Help.

The Colour Scheme Editor is a page where you can edit your colour scheme.

NOTE: Options set in the Style Editor may override these settings.

NOTE: Make sure that you press Ctrl-F5 on your Journal page to force a style refresh, when you've changed some settings (or else your browser may be using an outdated style). You could also clear your browser cache. That helps too. On IE, go to Tools, Internet Options, General tab, and Temporary Internet Files then click the Delete files button. On other browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, etc.) it may be different. It's usually under Tools and Options.

If you want to put a picture in the background of your blog, jevon jevon's little tool does the job, easy. Just put the URL of the image in the "Journal background image:" box and select your alignment - how you want the picture alligned with the page, either centered, centered (fixed-scroll), Fixed, or repeated on Left, Right, Top, or Bottom.

Easy as pie!

But if you'd rather deal with source code, check this Style Editor page out.
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