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how styles work

Part of Journals Help and Style Editor.

To customise your Journal, the journals uses the concept of styles. Every element on your journal/page view is derived by applying styles to the data available.

For example, on your home page, you have a number of Entries, some Pages at the sides, and so on.

For each entry, the entry data is extracted and applied to the style layout_entry. The variable {entry-title} is replaced with the entry title; the variable {content} with the entry content; and so on.

All of these formatted entries are combined together, and then placed into the variable {entries} in the style layout_page. Pages are also applied (with the variables of {left}, {right} and so on).

In this way, it is really easy to create very customisable and flexible Journals layouts. You can use the Style Editor to make changes to the style yourself, and use the references on this Wiki to learn more about it. You can also use the tag {# >all} to see a list of ALL the data available in each style.
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