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journals update 2005-08-20

All of these changes were documented on Journals Beta Features before being publically announced.


2005-08-19: Added Spell Checking for writing entries - uses the Google spellchecking engine.

2005-08-19: When editing an entry or page, a confirmation box will now pop up if you try to leave the page without saving it.

2005-08-10: Your Journal will now display a very visible link to create a new entry - this is meant to help new users. You can get rid of this with the Style Editor.

2005-08-10: The Journals now supports OpenID! You can login using your Journal URL (e.g. http://journals.jevon.org/users/jevon/) into sites like LiveJournal and leave comments with your name. OpenID support is quite new, but tell me how it goes Smile

2005-08-10: Added three new widgets: RSS Widget/MSN, RSS Widget/Yahoo and RSS Widget/Newsgator. Also, you can now access your RSS feed using http://journals.jevon.org/users/yourname/rss >.

2005-08-01: Fixed the bug that would say "Also, the halt template didn't exist."

2005-08-01: I've added user contributions, Browse:A, and updated the home page. I've also made the Music wiki use cooler URL's Wink.

2005-07-27: I've made some minor changes to the formatting around the Journals - if something starts playing up, let me know. Also, I've made a fully valid XHTML Style for use on the Journals.

2005-07-27: The Widget Editor now has links to help pages for the various Widgets available.

2005-07-11: I've added a Layout Editor - a simple way to import new styles. You can now share your Journal layouts using the Layout Editor for importing Journals Styles. Learn more about how to publish your styles too.

2005-07-11: All Journal home pages should now display an RSS link in Firefox or RSS-enabled browsers.

2005-06-30: Profile pages will now display a link to your "music tastes", which should be a personal wiki page on this music wiki.

2005-06-30: The Music Wiki now has Missing Pages, and pages can now be deleted - put your request in Requests for Deletion.

2005-06-29: You can now insert widgets into wiki pages - see Formatting for more information.

2005-06-29: The Music Wiki now automatically formats emoticons, so ; >) will become Wink, etc.

2005-06-29: Fixed a bug with e-mail addresses starting with emoticon characters would become mangled after smileys.

2005-06-24: The Music Wiki now has Statistics and Popular Requests, and multiple lyrics edit. Searching has also been fixed.
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