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lyrics template


Here is a suggested template for lyrics pages. All of the lyrics from http://www.jevon.org/ use this format. For an example, see Coldplay - Shiver.

NOTE This has been updated (24 September 2005). Please make sure you enter in new lyrics properly Wink

For lyrics pages (this uses Templates):

\{\{Template:Album Details|artist=__artist__|title=__song_title__|source=__address_of_source__}}


For album pages, you can use a format like this (for example, Coldplay - Parachutes):

\[\[artist]] released \[\[artist - album title|album title]] in \[\[year released]] with the following tracks:

# \[\[artist - track 1]]
# \[\[artist - track 2]]

Why? - When this page is included in song pages (on the right hand side), the album link will re-appear even though it appears in bold on the main album page. (e.g. compare Gorillaz - Demon Days with Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. - notice the link to the album.)

If you get a song which shares its name with an album, you can combine the two together (for example, see Coldplay - Parachutes).

For artist pages, you can use a format like this (for example, Coldplay):

\[\[artist]] is a \[\[genre]] musical group which have released the following albums:

# \[\[artist - album 1]]
# \[\[artist - album 2]]

The albums should be listed in approximately chronological order, with the earliest albums first. (For an example, see Nine Inch Nails).

These are not hard and fast rules, but merely suggestions. If you have no idea what all the random dashes mean, make sure you understand the Formatting rules.
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