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publishing journals styles

To put it briefly:
  1. Create your style. Make it pretty!
  2. Go into the Style Editor, go into the "edit all" page, and copy all of the stuff you see there.
  3. Create a new Wiki page, call it whatever (e.g. My Cool Style).
  4. Use the layout specified in Journals Styles to describe the layout.
  5. Make sure that you link it to the Category: Journals Style!
  6. Take a screenshot of this style, on a normal Journal page. Resize it to 300x200, and upload it somewhere.
  7. Take the URL of this screenshot and put it in the appropriate place in your new style.
  8. Save the Wiki page.
  9. Congratulations, you've made your first style! Now anybody can use it in their Journal using the Layout Editor and make you famous Wink
For more information, see the help on Journals Styles, the Layout Editor and the Category: Journals Style.

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