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Pages are slightly more tricker to master than doing your first entry. Pages are seperate to your journal entries and can make your home page much cooler. When entering in a new page, these are your options:

ID code
This is required. The site will automatically generate one randomly for you to start off with. The ID code is a unique code which will identify the page to you. You can enter in anything you want. The page will later be referred to as page.php?id=yourname&page=pageid.

This will be the title of your page, which will also be used if this page is displayed on your homepage (as the header of the page box).

This is where your page content goes. In this text box you can enter in whatever you would like to go in your page. You can use Easy HTML Codes to format your page with colours, links, and images. Also, you can use smileys like Smile and Mr. Green.

This is completely optional. If you have made a custom style for your journal, you can enter in a CSS code to be appended to the box it displays on your home page (if the page is to be displayed on your home page).

There are a number of options available, as well, with your page:

Don't automatically format
If this is enabled, the page won't automatically be formatted for Easy HTML.

Don't convert smileys to icons
If this option is enabled, the site won't convert smiley icons like : >D into Mr. Green, etc.

Position on home page
If you would like this page to be displayed on your home page, you can select where you would like this page to be displayed.

When you have created your page the way you want it, press the Submit button and watch it be created. It will either feature on your home page, or will be in your "My Pages" box on your home page.

NOTE You should not edit or create pages with IDs "left", "right" and "_profile" unless you really know what you are doing!
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