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Part of Journals Help.

Widgets are small pieces of text which, when automatically formatted by journals.jevon.org, turn into wonderful pieces of scripting and interactivity for your journal and pages.

Widgets have a three-step process on becoming something useful:

Go into your "Journal Administration" link, and click on "Your Widgets". This page will display all your widgets that you have created. Click on the link "Add New Widget". Now, all you need to do is enter in:

Enter in a helpful title for your widget. This will be used to identify it in the future. For example, if you are creating a poll, it could be helpful to use "Poll: Fruits" as a title for a poll about users' favourite fruits. The title does not have to be displayed when using the widget. If you don't enter in a title, "(no title)" will be displayed instead, which will only lead to confusion in the future!

Widget Type
This is the important one. This box allows you to select the type of Widget that you would like. When selecting a widget, if you have JavaScript enabled, different "edit" boxes (see below) will appear and disappear.

For information about the stuff that goes into the Edit boxes, please see the other Journals Help pages for details. Once happy with your creation, click the Save button, and your widget will be created! The next step is to...

When in a Entries or Pages entry/edit box, you can insert in any number of your already-created widgets. The easiest way is to click the "Widget" link on the right hand side of the content box. If you have JavaScript enabled, a popup window will appear, and from here you can "Insert" in the widget that you would like. A widget appears as [widget=N], where Nis an internal widget ID for your widget.

Once you have saved your new entry or page, you'll be set. Anybody that now views your entry or page (assuming that you have the "automatically format" option enabled) will see and interact with your widget!

For detailed information on how the individual widgets work in detail, see the Widgets page, and the other Journals Help pages.
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