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28 July 2004
Wednesday 28 July 2004 - 8.31pm
I am going to Palmy tomorrow Mr. Green
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8 July 2004
Thursday 8 July 2004 - 10.28pm
Righty, another food review for you all

Granny Smith Apple

Of the Yummy brand. Sure, sweet apples are nice but they lack the acidity needed for a killer punch. This is where this apple fits in. It is dual purpose - apple pie anyone? Though I dont like cooked apples. Just peel and chew away.

Cadbury Chocolate Sauce

When Choc Wizz is not available, this is the best alternative. It is no pussy, sugary, limp fake tasting syrup. It is full on liquid chocolate. Damn nice with ice cream and a sliced banana.

Jarrah Coffee

Of the Mocha kind. Not very sweet at all, so I best advise a teaspoon of sugar, but nevertheless perfect on a cold winter night. Like tonight when it is meant to drop to - 1 C.

No Problemos

Ok so my kidlet cousins didnt like it. But it is like a crunchy milkshake, just not in the traditional Coco Pop style.

Act II Popcorn

If you want entertainment, feast your eyes upon two people late one night. The woman asks the man to put the weird contraption in the microwave. Pan to two people with hands over ears, waiting for an explosion "Should I take it out" and it all amounts to a little bit of popping...oh and I forgot to mention the ensuing panic involved just opening it and the fear of explosion and steam. But it was worth it. Damn nice butteryness

Well thats enough Heh
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7 July 2004
Mmm Chupa Chups
Wednesday 7 July 2004 - 10.48pm
Man I rock.

I am gonna get 120 Chupa Chups heading my way very soon. So I am gonna suck like there is no tomorrow.

Yeah I suck 8)

OK bed for me Mr. Green
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4 July 2004
Sunday 4 July 2004 - 3.03pm
While casually checking out this site, I had to laugh. Obviously some tourist or scientist has a sense of humour Razz

Mood: Amused Amused
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3 July 2004
Winter Booty
Saturday 3 July 2004 - 12.19pm
As a cold wind blows, cooling all in its path, winter brings with it many things which are not welcome. This is where the Winter Cold Booty comes in.

One box of Panadol
One box of Strepsils
One box of Echinacea tablets
A hot water bottle
cough syrup

Oh, and I failed to mention the tissues.

The sun shines through my window and you would think it was summer. How I wish it was.
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