6 July 2003
why does love suck?
Sunday 6 July 2003 - 9.32am
i know y'all are gunna say it don't but to me it does.
i mean seriously why do i have the worst luck at finding a g|f? i think okay, im not gunna try and find a g|f i just gunna let it happen... so i just start hanging out with ppl and then it happenes...next thing i know i'm really diggin' this girl. the sucky thing is i'll start flirting and all but thne she tells me "im like a brother to her." it's happened to me twice... do females really like those bad boy guys that are gunna do nothing but hurt ya? cuz i think that that old saying "good guys finish last" is tru... oh well and yes any of my local friends you do know who i'm talking about.
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1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 10:39am - Sunday 2 May 2004 #
Um i dont think you should say "love sucks" because to me it sounds like you've never been in love... when you do finally fall in love, im sure it wont suck! Hang in there buckaroo!!
1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 11:56pm - Wednesday 10 May 2006 #
love does suck. maybe u have never been in love cause when u are you learn really quick its not what its cracked up to be. its not always what you think its going to be. definitly no bed of roses. so try being in love and see how it turns out it maybe good it may be bad we'll see.
2. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 10:32am - Wednesday 16 June 2004 #
love sucks..because i miss mah bf sooo much and that..f were together we'll be fine..
3. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 9:31am - Monday 27 March 2006 #
it does suck dude. plain and simple. and as for you ppl who think i have never been in love,you could not be more wrong. you just wait until you find yourself face down in the mud saying to yourself, how did this happen?
1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 1:20am - Thursday 9 November 2006 #
i know EXACTLY what you're talking about...
4. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 7:53am - Saturday 1 April 2006 #
i've been in love, i found the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life with! Now i know that love sucks, i experienced the most wonderful feeling in the world and then it was taken away from me and i'm left woth emptiness, hurt and anger!!
5. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 11:52pm - Wednesday 10 May 2006 #
love does suck. i loved someone once but to them i wasnt good enough they cheated on my with my best friend and then turned around and was going to get married. hes only 17. i love him so much but with some people no matter how much you love them it can never be.
6. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 11:43pm - Tuesday 16 May 2006 #
my bf is the only thing that makes me happy anymore,but, sometimes i wonder if he really cares i dont know if he can say that hes really in love with me even though he does. i know for a fact that im in love with him ive stuck with him through everything,and have really got nothing in return.so. in the since of being the one left out in the rain " love sucks"!!!
7. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 7:17am - Thursday 18 May 2006 #
love does suck. and sorry but most girls do want the bad guy. we love the bad guy for the same reasons he will eventually hurt us but we still fall thim. we have no control over who we love. and if we cant trust ourselves how the fuck could we trust someone else?
8. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 11:26am - Tuesday 19 September 2006 #
love really does suck and whoeva said it doesnt den i guess u have neva been in love!!!!
because i fell in love and i dont want to fall in love again cuz da guy really hurt me,i mean dont get me wrong.....love iz a wonderful thing but it also has itz down and if ur lucky u'll experience almost only da good side
9. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 4:00am - Saturday 7 October 2006 #
It's funny, I'm the same. Guys all wanna be my friend but nothing more. It sucks. I hate it. They all hurt me and I hate it. But physical attraction is everything now right?
10. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 3:17am - Tuesday 24 October 2006 #
11. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 3:18am - Tuesday 24 October 2006 #
ok these people who say ' i don't think u ever been in love before' are stupid we all know when we are in loved i have fancied the same girl for four years! and i have tryed none stop to be bf material...do i have any luck no! i agree u mate love really does suck! there is no bleeding point to it 'nice guys finish last' hell yes!
12. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 5:06pm - Thursday 4 January 2007 #
it sucks even more if you actually want the love but you can't get it at all. its sucks coz sm just keep trying to gain it from a certain person but knw in the end theyll just be notheing but dreams, or, fantasies that will never ever come true... So to me love... or the sick annoying emotion God allows us to feel does suck. I'd really just rather feel emotionless
13. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 5:08pm - Thursday 4 January 2007 #
it sucks even more if you actually want the love but you can't get it at all. its sucks coz sm just keep trying to gain it from a certain person but knw in the end theyll just be notheing but dreams, or, fantasies that will never ever come true... So to me love... or the sick annoying emotion God allows us to feel does suck. I'd really just rather feel emotionless...
14. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 6:16am - Saturday 6 January 2007 #
hello. why do i fall in love with shit heads all the time , i end up paying for them to live in fantasy land ...ie getting a foreign job and me having to pay there expences as they dont have enough money to survive i am the biggest sucker as i actually give a damm , what happenes to the fucker of my dreams ...ohhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck why of why do i .....dont ever fall in love it sucks or you become the sucker .........rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr xxx jaime
15. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 6:59am - Tuesday 13 February 2007 #
Love sucks for sure. Everywhere we look we're bombarded with attempts of mainstream society to lul us all into a 'warm and fuzzy' spot i.e. Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day etc... what a crock of shit. I say all the lonely miserable people of the world unite! We shall form our own holiday and call it 'Miserable Lonely Bastard Day'! Love is just an illusion created by chocolatiers and greeting card companies. If love existed, there would be no violence in the world, no hate on TV, no killings, no terrorists, so tell me folks, where is this so-called love nonesense? It's an illusion, nothing more. A person will rip out another persons heart and leave it beating slowly to death on the bedroom floor. A woman will play coy and stupid when it comes to feelings and emotions, and turn around a leave a man the minute he no longer measures up to what cable TV says a man should be. I say fuck it all. I say fuck love. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.
16. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 4:19pm - Saturday 17 February 2007 #
Wow, I'm so glad I found people who see love the way I do. It's like no one around me, at school or anywhere, understands how much love sucks. They all jump around all happy like everything is O.K. and unicorns and leprechons dance around in flowery meadows with rainbows shooting out their asses. The one thing I learned, like the person before me said, is that love is an illusion. It distracts people from reality and causes them to fall into a trap. Oh sure, at first its all fun and games and everyone's all happy and you think everything is going great. You become all optimistic and that life has finally given you payback for all you have done. But then suddenly BAM! Everything around you falls apart and you're left in the darkness. Everything you did was in vain, giving a gift to the one you love, telling them how much you like them or just giving the attention they deserve. All of it was pointless because no matter how much affection you gave them, you never to get it back. Love is a human weakness that claims the best of men and becomes their downfall (this includes women, "men" refers to people). All love is is temporary happiness that ends in broken dreams and sadness along with anger. It is a word used by the media so that Hallmark can sell cards and candy as well as other stores to sell flowers and other such crap. I would think the point of love is not to buy material things but share the feeling with the one you love, but nooooo thats not good enough now. Its a bunch of bs that no one really needs. Some people are born lucky, but for some of us, theres no hope at all. Theres no point in trying when you know it will just bring back that pain you felt, and the fear that if it happens again, you wont come back the same person ever again and heads are gonna start rolling. People can be so superficial and lustful, society is corrupt; all this over one stupid emotion that just seems pointless. Thats why I made a promise to myself awhile ago,"To not let love affect me for one year." Its been about a month and I have to say, its been great. When you give up love, all you have to do is walk around and not worry about falling in love and just do what you like to do, like play video games or talk to friends. Anytime I hear a conversation about some dumb relationship, I just try to get the heck outta there. I'm so sick of it all. SO if you want some advice, just take a damn break from this cursed emotion and just do things for yourself for awhile, theres more important things in life for us to do other than sit there wondering "I wonder if he/she likes me" or "Man what am I going to do, I'm so nervous to talk to him/her." Just give it up for awhile, or altogether if you want. Hell even recluse from society for awhile if you can or want. If you want my synopsis for it all, in simple terms, love sucks, its an illusion of temp. happiness, and theres more important things to worry about. The end :-
17. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 5:10am - Sunday 18 February 2007 #
I'm with you there. You'll get to a point where it doesn't matter if you have a girl or not. Having your freedom, friends, piece of mind and the liberty to do what you what you want when you want, is a beautiful thing. You'll be alright! When it's time for someone to come into your life, she'll be there.
18. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 6:38am - Wednesday 21 February 2007 #
Omg! i totally agree! Only of course im tryin to find a boyfriend lol. But really i tried to let it happen after my bf finished with me and i was ready to move on. But everytime i put myself out there...bang i get knocked down...but i do love the feeling of love and wouldn't give it up for the world lol. xxx Samantha xxx
19. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 4:10am - Saturday 3 March 2007 #
So Very True but even worse is when they like u back will play both sides of the line a bit say the have fellings for u but they don't want to get involved couse U are leaveing in six months. So basicly hold my harte and then through it in some pit some where and laugh as I go trying to find it again. But trust me u haven't found love yet u have just found lust i have turned down better offers for this girl for her to just hurt me in the end. And IT IS TRUE nice guys finish last so be the asshole u always wanted to be and see where life takes u.
1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 6:10am - Saturday 10 March 2007 #
you should never be but who you ar e becaus if u are some 1 diffrent then 1 day someone will fall in love with who you are not and you may have 2 prtray this life st;y for ever lyk that x-x-x-x
20. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 10:34am - Friday 20 April 2007 #
Love does suck. I've been in love and still am. The person who "loved" me doesn't or does he doesn't even know anymore so he says. It hurts like hell. I never want to go through this kind of pain again. Anyone who sys love doesn't suck never saw someone else with the one who broke your heart and shit all over it.
1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 5:54am - Thursday 10 May 2007 #
rock on you know what you saying
2. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 6:00am - Thursday 10 May 2007 #
rock on you know what you saying
21. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 6:14am - Thursday 10 May 2007 #
love does suck. what ever you do . all that happens is you get fucked over. how are you able to feel this so called 'love' if you get screwed over.then if you have a girlfriend then they'll dump you for some gay ass fag and then the shit hits the fan.any ways theres no such thing as love.
22. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 9:12am - Tuesday 22 May 2007 #
OMG!!! I totally agree that love sucks! and no girls dont fall in love with the "bad boys" we mostly like good guys. we can trust good guys and thats probably why you always get told your like a brother. every girls dream is to have a guy they can turn to for help who will be there for us no matter what happens.If you do this it givesoff the "big brother" image so her saying you are like a brother to her is a good thing. it means you have earned her trust. keep hanging in there ok? give it time and if it is meant to be she will realize that she like you for more than just a good friend. that is actually a common occurance. but dont push too hard or you might scare her off. btw....the bad boy LOOK is HOTT just not actual bad boys....
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