9 July 2000
Sunday 9 July 2000 - 12.01am
Hi Fambily :D LTNS...Am going offline for a wee while but will stalk you all on a regular basis :D...Have alot going on at the moment so somethings gotta give ;)....Heather I got your email and will reply shortly, a great idea and I am keen as mustard! :D....Be good and stay outta trouble :P
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1. leash leash : 8:17pm - Thursday 8 July 2004 #

Where's your tagboard?!

You've cleaned up your journal!

Hope to see you in November Flower Grin
2. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 9:36pm - Thursday 8 July 2004 #
HIIIIIIIII!!!!! Mr. Green So cool to see you online, even if briefly! I'm missing your journal entries and comments on mine though! Flower

I'm glad you're keen-would be so awesome to see ya! You know where I am if you need some company/someone to talk to. Smile

3. christomir christomir : 12:50am - Friday 9 July 2004 #
Yay! you are backGrin
I should be really going now, but I couldn't help but wave back at ya.Heh *waves*...LOL
4. christomir christomir : 3:50am - Monday 26 July 2004 #
hey hurry up and come back RazzLOL
1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 10:34pm - Friday 30 July 2004 #
LOL @ Yay! you are back... hey hurry up and come back Razz
1. christomir christomir : 12:06pm - Saturday 31 July 2004 #
Hey, now, shush there.Razz
1. Anonymous User Anonymous User : 12:07pm - Saturday 31 July 2004 #
5. gliserth gliserth : 4:05am - Saturday 14 August 2004 #
Eh? Where are all your other entries?
6. leash leash : 6:49pm - Thursday 28 October 2004 #
We miss you Flower
7. notsojadedlisa notsojaded… : 9:37am - Tuesday 12 April 2005 #
I miss you Flower
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