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23 October 2004
Saturday 23 October 2004 - 8.21pm
Mood: Amused Amused
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You have no power over me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday 23 October 2004 - 8.11pm
Failing Breath

I never thought this day would come
I did not know all hope was gone
Shattered in a lost eternity
I never wished to drift away
How could I feel at home again
With all the things you said, upon my mind

There is so much left to say to you
Unspoken words won't change the truth
I doubt that words change anything at all
What if we could turn time back again
Would we do it all the same?
And until now the bitter chill remains

The failing breath is familiarity
I think I see your smile vanish afar
The failing breath is my fragility
The pieces left behind is all we are

Your heartbeat is too far away
There's no place where I can stay
Picture of a dream I can't deny
All at once I hear your voice
Another scene and still you cry
I would have given all to share your pain

But now you run and you will hide again
The lonely days may never end
I'll try to find the courage from day to day
Your fears are always close to me
In time I'll catch my failing breathe,
But the air around me will belong to you
Be my Rain

When you fell into my arms
Appearing so frail, if you ever were
And you told me a thousand things
I've never dreamt about
When your eyes fell grey
Could it be I made them shine for awhile?
Now you're gone, as if you ever meant to stay

Be my rain
Be my rain
To wash the pain and the truth away
Be my rain
Be my rain
Embrace my world, everlasting

We were talking through the night
No one could say a word
Of what had passed or should be said
As if time stood silent,
The dawn never came
And the skies are empty
Since we stopped

Far away,
We cannot share the love within us
You're far away,
And rising up to start again

Mood: Confused Confused

dark @ heart...
Saturday 23 October 2004 - 8.05pm

Whatever I am feeling, I find you everywhere
You're like the clouds that pass me by again
My memories are empty, they'll never bring you back
I can't deny how much I'm missing you

Time pours down,
Washing my faith away

I'm numb until we're dancing into the night,
But I still feel your kisses riding over my skin
I'm numb until you're disappearing again
Too many scars and a dream will never end

I've been to all the places where you used to be
But everywhere a chill kept seizing me
And if I sleep, I'm restless and I'm not gone for long
I can't deny how much I'm missing you

No MOre Doubts

In the beginning it was just a glimpse
Far too fleeting to care about
But I can still remember the initial traces of your change

Then you became so adaptable
No deviation from your ways
Like the world in your eyes is just spinning inside of you
There's only you and you and you . . .

There are no more doubts in you
It's a repression of your past
Sometimes it shows you're insecure
I still can read between the lines
There are no more doubts in you
Have you forgot to dream at last
Sometimes it shows you're insecure
You died inside

When I'm thinking of days gone by
You were so curious about the world
You never needed reasons to simply fly off-hand

Being the epitome of ignorance
Does it really suit your plan?
Where's the contempt that you would actually show yourself

Music: Butterfly messiah
Mood: Gloomy Gloomy

17 October 2004
so far....
Sunday 17 October 2004 - 5.22pm
lanky lizards!!! i am no longer THAT sick but i feel so much better, no puffy eyes or a runny nose and no fever!!!...but yeah yesterday i went with my boyfriend to Fiesta de la Familia in downtown and we had a blast he bought this funny whistle you put in your mouth and when u speak its like a squeky voice...i couldn't stop laughing!!!!!...then we entered my favorite wicca store called
its really cool we bought our costume patterns there and im going to make them!!!....well so far this day has been going so well!i didnt goto church so thats a just so worried with my best friend Gwen shes going through tough times...i want to be there for her like she was for me....if it wasnt for her i would have hit rock bottom....well thats it for now paka!
Music: butterfly messiah
Mood: Sigh Sigh

15 October 2004
song by the dark @ heart
Friday 15 October 2004 - 3.28pm
On the edge, I wait
Hands held tightlyÖtogether
Waiting for the name
I wallow in my shame
I played a dangerous game

Hold it all inside, they said
Donít you speak of this disgrace
(till youíre six feet underground)
People whisper silently
I canít even show my face
(can you turn your life around)

Donít think positive
Iíll only crush myself
We just have to learn
In our mistakes we cause concern
But in the end itís only me whoíll burn

What will you do, they scream at me
Turning nights to endless days
(is there shelter from your fear)
My decisions have no weight
I can only run away
(itís your voice you have to hear)

Hold it all inside, they said
Donít you speak of this disgrace
(till youíre six feet underground)
Whispers turn so deafening
I canít live with my own face
(can you turn your life around)
What will you do they scream at me
Leaving my wound so exposed
(is there shelter from your fear)
Twisted words and loving arms
No one else will ever know
(itís your voice you have to hear)
Music: gothic music
Mood: Gloomy Gloomy

Gothic Miss Manners intro!
Friday 15 October 2004 - 2.36pm
[color=#ff0000][/color]HELLO ALL! I am new to this...well theres not much to tell except hello and das ve daneya!
Music: gothic music
Mood: Sick Sick
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