11 November 2008
Recording Singles

Since I played at my first gig on Saturday night (photos), which was really awesome and full of awesome people Smile, the band has been sorting out gigs and learning new songs. Our next two gigs are listed on Solfonic's Bebo page, and we're looking for upcoming events and parties!

This weekend I am going to Taihape again in order to do some serious track recording of some of our songs. The ultimate plan is to use this weekend to get some songs that we can stick online and also send out as our press pack! Exciting.

After our recording session, I need to convince myself to take an afternoon or evening off and sit down with my guitar and record some stuff for the Youtubes Smile
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11 July 2008
A Chilis Cover
I felt inspired to do another recording of myself before the end of the day and I've done it!

It's not the greatest of songs to record on an acoustic guitar but there's always the chance for me to record it properly with my electric... once I get it back Mr. Green

I've also had a little bit more luck working out how the process of transforming a .wmv to a decent xvid .avi file should go, without introducing visual artefacts or audio delay. I really need to get Windows Movie Maker installed!
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30 June 2008
Last week was epic!! I had four fucking fantastic practices, including an unreal final practice before the Stomach closed for upgrades. I got invited to join a really great band filled with really great people. I also fell in love with my guitar pretty badly.

It feels like after last week my life has changed, like I've just managed to pass through a wilderness of the last year. I look at my guitar differently and think about music in weird and wonderful ways. I am starting to write some pretty funky songs Mr. Green. Still nothing happening on the singing front though lol. I could easily spend all day, every day playing my guitar. There's so much space for me to play in!!

I do worry that I'm turning into an obnoxious guitarist, but I hope I'll stay somewhat open-minded Smile
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16 June 2008
Things are going groovy. I had an epic practice tonight with Solfonic, I improved our third song a lot and worked out where abouts in the song I could really be creative.

We spent one evening last week recording two songs, and they've turned out really well. I don't think I can post it publically online yet but send me a message and I'll MSN you the URL for the MP3 Mr. Green

We have another recording session on Thursday night, hopefully we can record this third song, because it's really catchy and I want to share it!!
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10 June 2008
Things are going pretty well with my new band, Solfonic. We've written three songs so far and hopefully we will get to record them tomorrow night. If that happens I'll stick a song on here. I don't know what genre is it, it's sort of funk reggae.

Playing as part of the band is excellent, and I never knew how much fun it is to write entire songs and hear them play out! I'm also getting heaps of practice and getting much, much better at playing guitar. My improv skills are multiplying, but on the flip side, I don't hear very diverse music any more these days.

After seeing Foo Fighters live, I've gotten big into The Colour and the Shape. Really makes me want to start a grunge rock band!! Mr. Green
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