18 September 2007
First Paid Gig!
Sorry for taking so long to write another entry. I've been distracted with catching up with my Massey and commercial work last week and this week - now that I'm back on track, I guess I can go back to focusing on music next week when I get back home.

Two weekends ago, I played at my first paid gig, at a 21st party in the suburbs of Palmy. It went really well!

The entire week before the gig was spent with the rest of the band (now called Rumblefish), choosing new songs, learning them, and practicing them with each other. We only managed to get one real practice before playing all of the new songs, but I've come to learn this is fairly standard, haha! The new songs were generally fairly simple, with lots of classic NZ stuff like I Got You and Why Does Love Do This To Me, but there were also some new, interesting songs, like Falling to Pieces and Bombtrack.

One thing I noticed (and commented on in my last entry) is that the massive increase in practice also coincided with a massive increase in technical proficiency, both in terms of playing songs and playing solos. In particular, an entire day of practice, whilst impossible to incur regularly, is a stunning boost if you have the right motivation. I really hope I get to play more often live, it's the best motivator I've found!

The gig itself was excellent. We got there around 7pm, spent about an hour packing up, and then went off to get some dinner (note to self: next time, get some real food). We started our first set at roughly 9pm, followed by a break, then another set at 10pm. Noise control came twice (annoying old women, of course! :@) so we decided to end it at 11pm. The rest of the night was like a really amped up party with lots of fun, interesting, drunk people. You can also read more about it on Wayne's Bebo blog.

In the second set, people were really getting into the music - though it was probably more the alcohol in their systems than the entertainment itself! There was singing, dancing, and lots of free alcohol. It was really fun and exciting, and a really surreal experience (as you would expect for your first gig). I really can't wait until I can play again now. My favourite songs from the night were probably one of the NZ songs, Sir Psycho Sexy (though it didn't sound that great), and Learn to Fly. It's a pity we don't have any photos, videos or sound from the event, I would have loved a copy.

The most terrifying concept is that I can now call myself a professional musician! Hahaha!

So... if you're having a party, public event, or corporate meeting one night, and you're looking for a fresh new band with some awesome tunes and great musicians (except the guitarist) for some background music, I know where you can get an upcoming NZ covers band for cheap Mr. Green !! Wink
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1. soundasleep soundasleep : 6:22pm - Tuesday 18 September 2007 #
I've got a photo of the money I got paid for the gig, I will put it online later (when I can find my camera) Mr. Green
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2. chrissy chrissy : 8:48am - Wednesday 19 September 2007 #
What is the going rate for one of your gigs?
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1. soundasleep soundasleep : 5:16am - Thursday 20 September 2007 #
At the moment I believe it's 500 if it's just us playing, but I can get it heaps cheaper for any of you guys Mr. Green
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3. pea pea : 10:14pm - Wednesday 19 September 2007 #
Awesome awesome awesome!!!
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1. soundasleep soundasleep : 5:16am - Thursday 20 September 2007 #
Thanks Ms Jessie ^_^
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4. april_kitty april_kitty : 11:22pm - Thursday 20 September 2007 #
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