11 November 2008
Recording Singles

Since I played at my first gig on Saturday night (photos), which was really awesome and full of awesome people Smile, the band has been sorting out gigs and learning new songs. Our next two gigs are listed on Solfonic's Bebo page, and we're looking for upcoming events and parties!

This weekend I am going to Taihape again in order to do some serious track recording of some of our songs. The ultimate plan is to use this weekend to get some songs that we can stick online and also send out as our press pack! Exciting.

After our recording session, I need to convince myself to take an afternoon or evening off and sit down with my guitar and record some stuff for the Youtubes Smile
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8 March 2008
Kindy Gig Videos
Thanks to the awesome thewickerman thewickerman, we have videos from our performance at Kindy! I spent tonight fixing the video/sound and splitting them into files and putting them onto YouTube... and here are (IMHO) the best three out of the six songs we played:

Green Day - Espionage

Mary Had a Little Lamb Old McDonald (oh yeah! Mr. Green)

Random Blues Jam
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31 December 2007
Final Gig of 07
So after the quiet hiatus after our last gig, we (me + Aaron + Ian) finally played our last show of 2007 at a friends' friends' birthday party on last Saturday. It went pretty well! After playing the songs we knew, and massacring the ones we had only just learnt, we had a bit of fun screwing around which went off quite well.

We also got our first noise control notice Mr. Green. I don't think anyone told the neighbours. But it was fair enough -- it was midnight!

I recorded the first set onto audio only -- I'm yet to find the time to edit and mix it properly, and then hopefully put some clips online here.

An interesting side note -- I've played at only eight parties this year! I'm hoping next year I can at least double that... if anyone wants us to play... lol

After all this craziness of travelling, I want to start studying more classic rock and blues. In particular, I want to learn some Opeth and some Jimi Hendrix, which should offer an interesting balance. I also want to start writing some tunes, and start singing... I suppose those are some of my new years resolutions! Razz

Have a happy 08 everyone!
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18 September 2007
First Paid Gig!
Sorry for taking so long to write another entry. I've been distracted with catching up with my Massey and commercial work last week and this week - now that I'm back on track, I guess I can go back to focusing on music next week when I get back home.

Two weekends ago, I played at my first paid gig, at a 21st party in the suburbs of Palmy. It went really well!

The entire week before the gig was spent with the rest of the band (now called Rumblefish), choosing new songs, learning them, and practicing them with each other. We only managed to get one real practice before playing all of the new songs, but I've come to learn this is fairly standard, haha! The new songs were generally fairly simple, with lots of classic NZ stuff like I Got You and Why Does Love Do This To Me, but there were also some new, interesting songs, like Falling to Pieces and Bombtrack.

One thing I noticed (and commented on in my last entry) is that the massive increase in practice also coincided with a massive increase in technical proficiency, both in terms of playing songs and playing solos. In particular, an entire day of practice, whilst impossible to incur regularly, is a stunning boost if you have the right motivation. I really hope I get to play more often live, it's the best motivator I've found!

The gig itself was excellent. We got there around 7pm, spent about an hour packing up, and then went off to get some dinner (note to self: next time, get some real food). We started our first set at roughly 9pm, followed by a break, then another set at 10pm. Noise control came twice (annoying old women, of course! :@) so we decided to end it at 11pm. The rest of the night was like a really amped up party with lots of fun, interesting, drunk people. You can also read more about it on Wayne's Bebo blog.

In the second set, people were really getting into the music - though it was probably more the alcohol in their systems than the entertainment itself! There was singing, dancing, and lots of free alcohol. It was really fun and exciting, and a really surreal experience (as you would expect for your first gig). I really can't wait until I can play again now. My favourite songs from the night were probably one of the NZ songs, Sir Psycho Sexy (though it didn't sound that great), and Learn to Fly. It's a pity we don't have any photos, videos or sound from the event, I would have loved a copy.

The most terrifying concept is that I can now call myself a professional musician! Hahaha!

So... if you're having a party, public event, or corporate meeting one night, and you're looking for a fresh new band with some awesome tunes and great musicians (except the guitarist) for some background music, I know where you can get an upcoming NZ covers band for cheap Mr. Green !! Wink
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1 September 2007
It's taken long enough, but I've finally managed to compose some music videos for the awesome party we had two weekends ago to celebrate Mr thewickerman thewickerman's birthday.

Here's Anti Emo Death Squad:

And two from Douche, now named Allison's Mistake:

My favourite video would have to be the last one; we sounded awesome at Black Eyed Blonde, and big thanks to ms Scarlet for being the fire dancer for the night! Mr. Green

These videos took forever to try and mix down properly - probably because I've been just so damn busy over the last two weeks. It's a multiple-step process to mix these, because they're recorded into the god-awful WMV format, with lots of skipped frames, and the audio is in a different format yet again. I drew up a chart Mr. Green on the process I had to use to get these videos, because I had some time while they were uploading to YouTube (also, I'm a geek!). If people are curious I'll write up more about it.

I received my new webcam last week; it was very shiny, and I got to try it out for the first time last Saturday at another birthday party I was playing at. If I find the time I will write a Logitech QuickCam 9000 Review on Jevon.org. It's got incredible colour and insane resolution. It has some problem with autofocusing on far-away objects, and the software is pretty basic, but I think I can hack my way around these.

Yesterday I sat down and tried to record a whole bunch of songs with the camera, that I would hope make their way onto YouTube. After a few hours I didn't really come up with anything I wanted to put online; if I have time tomorrow I'll try record some new material. It's hard to find songs to cover that have a guitar track that sounds interesting by itself!
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