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Full Name: Holly
Nicknames: Genn\

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Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 28 July 1993 - Leo Rooster (23 years old)
Location: Pickering

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Friend of: MyAddiction MyAddiction, thewickerman thewickerman

Interests: Personal Info:
Activities: shopping.

Interests: hanging with friends.

Favorite Music: everything.

Favorite TV Shows: americans next top model.
family guy.
naturally sadie

Favorite Movies: the girl next door.
the perfect man.
harry potters; all of them.
the epic movie.
the outsiders.
spiderman; all of them.
red eye.
the notebook.
step up.
the happening.
the strangers.
brigde to terabithia.
hot chicks.
little nikky.
legally blonde; both of them.
scarry movie 1.
material girls.
the cinderella story.
raise your voice.
Favorite Books: the outsiders.
harry potter; all of them.
i dont read alot of books ( N )
Favorite Quotes: mhmmm : |
uhmm , whatever.

About Me: green eyes.
loves her friends.
brown hair.
loves horror movies.
idol is hilary duff : ) óż.
loves magazines.
loves posters.
is on msn alot.
about 5'4.
wears glasess.
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